Our Team

Darren Holland

Position: Pastor-Teacher.
Where from: California.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Sacramento in 1987.  Married my wife Donna in 1991 and was a flooring contractor until moving to Virginia in 2003 in order to finish my education.                                  Likes listening to: Good Bible teachers, some classic rock, and a little it of conservative talk radio.

Interests: Golf – it’s hard to beat playing 18 holes (or more) with good friends. Good conversation – you gotta love a good theological discussion.
Enjoys watching: Police-investigative shows, Classic TV from the 70″s (MASH, Star Trek….) Jeopardy, and everything GOLF.

Donna Holland

Donna Holland

Position: Children’s Director.
Where from: I was born and raised in California, moved to Washington to attend college and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. I moved back to California and taught for 15 years. I am currently with Club Sports at LU.
Likes listening to: Contemporary Christian music.
Interests: I enjoy spending time with good friends, good books and good coffee.
Enjoys watching: NCIS, Animal Planet, and Pioneer woman.

Dave Poiles

Position:  Adult Teacher/Elder
Where from:  I was born and raised in Florida, moved to Lynchburg to attend college at Liberty and graduated with a degree in Business Management. My wife and I loved living in Lynchburg so we decided to make it our home.  I am a Residential Sponsor and work with individuals with special needs.  I also do some contract IT work periodically.
Likes listening to:  I really enjoy all kinds of music, especially Contemporary Christian, Country, Rock from the 70’s and 80’s and Jazz.
Interests:  Traveling with my wife experiencing new places, spending time with friends, hiking, reading and learning more about God’s Word.
Enjoys watching:  Sports, and any kind of car show

John Hileman

Position: Worship Leader
Where from:  I was born in Massachusetts, but I’ve lived everywhere from the top of Maine to the tip of Florida. I am a Gulf War veteran with a long career in television production and 3d animation. In this season of my life, I am a writer, with six novels under my belt and, God willing, more to come.
Likes listening to: EquipFM Bible teachers, Contemporary Christian Music, and some of the fun songs my kids introduce me to.
Interests:  spending time with people, watching a good movie, playing music with friends.
Enjoys watching:  
Smallville, Lost, 24, and people walking by in the mall.